In Uniform, 1952

I found these two images in Dean Hill’s scrapbook, both taken at parades in downtown Houston by someone who liked to station themselves in front of Foley’s:



I am forced to admit here that I don’t understand the uniforms–why one and not the other? I’m too embarrassed to guess that they’re warm and cold season. Don’t laugh–I’m trying to educate myself here! Any assistance is appreciated.




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4 Responses to In Uniform, 1952

  1. marmer01 says:

    Yes, your seasonal instinct is correct. The dark uniform is an early appearance of the “Winter Blue” uniform (which is really black) with a black shirt, pants, and tie, with collar brass for rank. The older man in the double-breasted coat is a Chief Petty Officer, one of the NROTC staff (a senior enlisted man). Because they are “under arms” (carrying rifles) they wear a white belt, white leggings, and white gloves. Navy tradition. Winter Blue is more or less worn October through March depending on temperature. The khaki uniform is the old style khaki working uniform worn with black long tie. There is a service dress variant of that with a khaki coat (this was often seen in the TV comedy _McHale’s Navy._ This is worn in the hot months, again with rank on the collar. There is a difference between “hard shoulder boards” and “soft shoulder boards.” Hard shoulder boards are worn on the white uniform, not pictured here but featured prominently in the movie _An Officer And A Gentleman._ Soft shoulder boards are worn on the white shirt worn with the double breasted dark coat as seen on the Chief Petty Officer above. That is so rank can be seen when the shirt is worn without the jacket, but they are flexible so as not to be visible under the jacket.

  2. marmer01 says:

    The Wikipedia article has pretty good descriptions of current and past Navy uniforms and some pictures. Other pictures are easily found by Googling the name of the uniform. Here is a quick survey of twentieth-century US service uniforms with lots of pictures.

  3. Wanna Hadnott Class of 1984 says:

    Marty you are amazing

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