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Unseasonable, 1950

I have had a really long day today and can’t summon anything interesting to say tonight . . . . but I do have this amusing cover of the Rice NROTC Broadside from February 67 years ago, which looks to … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Jello Night, circa 1996

This reminds me of the 1933 shoe race in that I think I get the general drift but lack the piece of information that makes it make sense: What’s the object of this exercise?  

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” I am hitting the ball as promised,” 1922

The Woodson is home to a very large number of early Rice business office papers, some rescued from the basement of Allen Center and some from heaven only knows where. A while back I found this little note to the … Continue reading

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“Dear George,” 1967

This is a congratulatory letter that Edgar Altenburg, long of the Biology Department, sent to English Professor George Williams, praising him effusively (it’s a bit much, surely) for a piece that appeared in the Rice University Review: I never got … Continue reading

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Griffith Evans Can’t Make It Today, 1912

And I’m not writing a blog post either. Tomorrow’s looking pretty good though. Bonus:

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“there are always special corners,” 1930

I was surprised and moved by a letter I recently found. It was written by John Angel, who sculpted William Marsh Rice, to President Lovett at the time the statue was unveiled in 1930. It’s simple and thoughtful and I … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Oh, behave!

This looks like something out of an Austin Powers movie. Aside from the animal prints, the cocktail glasses, and the exquisitely arranged magazines, note the two telephones. Norman seems genuinely amused.

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Looking Straight Up In Abercrombie

Earlier this week I had a peek at a lab that’s being renovated over in Abercrombie. Happily, this gives me my first opportunity to use that aerial Raymond Brochstein brought in–what we’re talking about is at the very far northern … Continue reading

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Cohen House, 6-2-58

This moment of transition leaves me rather wistful. Things changed quickly on campus in the decades after World War II and this transformation of one of William Ward Watkin’s buildings looks like the end of the old days to me. … Continue reading

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