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Friday Follies: Xerox

Came through my procedure just fine but the anesthesia left me feeling like a fuzzy copy for a while: Bonus: It’s been a tough year for kites on campus.

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Disorientation, circa 1950

Sometimes just for sport I’ll tag along behind one of the groups being led around campus by our charming student tour guides. I have heard some pretty dubious assertions during these jaunts but never anything as wild or as funny … Continue reading

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Dean and Virginia Hill, 1952

Acting on a timely tip I spent much of last weekend combing through a vast amount of paper at an estate sale in west Houston. The home had belonged to a pair of 1952 Rice graduates, Dean and Ginny (Smith) … Continue reading

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Unseasonable, 1950

I have had a really long day today and can’t summon anything interesting to say tonight . . . . but I do have this amusing cover of the Rice NROTC Broadside from February 67 years ago, which looks to … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Jello Night, circa 1996

This reminds me of the 1933 shoe race in that I think I get the general drift but lack the piece of information that makes it make sense: What’s the object of this exercise?  

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” I am hitting the ball as promised,” 1922

The Woodson is home to a very large number of early Rice business office papers, some rescued from the basement of Allen Center and some from heaven only knows where. A while back I found this little note to the … Continue reading

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“Dear George,” 1967

This is a congratulatory letter that Edgar Altenburg, long of the Biology Department, sent to English Professor George Williams, praising him effusively (it’s a bit much, surely) for a piece that appeared in the Rice University Review: I never got … Continue reading

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