This Didn’t Happen

I came across this very early postcard recently, although I can’t currently remember where:

I’m sure you all can instantly see the thing that didn’t happen:

It’s probably just as well. It’s bit much.





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6 Responses to This Didn’t Happen

  1. Bob Casey says:

    Melissa: Do you know if the old story is true, that the USC library was orginally designed by Ralph Adams Cram for Rice, but he sold the plans to USC because Rice didn’t have the funds?

  2. Taj Mafondren…

  3. Keith Cooper says:

    The Downey Library at USC, by Ralph Adams Cram
    See, for example

  4. marmer01 says:

    Just put a dome on Fondren. Done.

  5. Christian Hauser says:

    What needs a dome is the opera house (desperately)

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