Missed It By That Much

I meant to post this on Monday the 27th but . . . I forgot!

Sometimes there’s nothing to do but laugh at yourself.

Bonus: Last week at the track stadium.

Extra Bonus: You can get just a glimpse (above) of the work going on over by the old pool in the gym. Here’s a closer look:


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6 Responses to Missed It By That Much

  1. C Kelly says:

    Seeing the photo of the old pool reminded me that back in ancient times we had a ‘physical aptitude test’ at the start of our freshman year. (PE was a required course for freshmen.) I’m a little vague on the details, but I think we had to swim some number of laps of the pool and then tread water for a certain amount of time. Those who weren’t in good shape had a tough time with this. I definitely remember another part of the test. You had to toss a softball and hit it ‘fungo-style’ against the exterior of the gym. This test gave Mr. Barker a good idea of hand-eye coordination. Those who were lacking went into ‘remedial’ PE classes. Do they still do this? Does anyone play Volley-Wall Ball anymore?

  2. marmer01 says:

    The swim test was definitely a thing in 1980. I think it still is. Treading water that long was kinda hard.

  3. Richard Miller (Hanszen '75 & '76) says:

    Never remembered a ‘physical aptitude test’. Freshman had to take a non-credit physical education course each semester. Introduced us to Volley-wall ball. We also played the ‘new’ sport of team handball.

  4. Robert Brazile says:

    The swim test was a thing, but I believe is no longer, unfortunately. I took it in 1981, my daughter didn’t have to take it when she entered in 2012.

  5. mmdlarue says:

    I did my PE courses in that pool. Fall term Freshman year I took Lifesaving, and in the Spring I took the Water Safety Instructor’s course. I actually enjoyed doing both!

  6. degb00 says:

    I took the swim test in my Freshman year in 1976. I passed everything else, but failed the treading water. I had bronchitis over the summer, and my lungs were still irritated. Someone splashed water into my nose while I trod water, I got a coughing fit and asked to be pulled out.

    The whole time I was at Rice I wondered what they would do when I tried to graduate and they found out I still hadn’t passed the swimming test. It wasn’t until I was across the stage with my diploma in hand that I realized I was safe.

    I was told at the time the rationale for the swimming test was that Houston was a place prone to flooding, and the University wanted to be sure everyone would be safe. Hmmm, it sounds even more fishy as I repeat it now.

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