George Dallas Perkins: A Loose End Tied Up

A while back I wrote about a beautiful tribute that President Lovett penned at the death of George Perkins, the Institute’s head custodian for many years:

At the time, I looked everywhere I could think of for a photograph of Mr. Perkins but came up empty. Then earlier this week I idly opened a photo folder labeled “Mr. Dennis.” Mr. Dennis, who was in charge of the power plant, was most definitely in there but according to the label on the back of the image (written in Miss Dean‘s hand, and she should know) was Mr. Perkins and his son:

That’s Perkins on the left, Dennis on the right, and “son Perkins” in the middle. It’s undated but quite early; late teens I’d guess.

Bonus: Of master planning there is no end.





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  1. joecwhite says:

    Shouldn’t that be “Magister Plan”?

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