Gate Number . . . 4??

I was not expecting this:

It’s there right at the bottom–drawings for Gate 4, with wonderful owls on the top. I’m on record as not being a total nut for owls (I’ve seen way too many collections of owls made of bottle caps, macrame and etc.) but those are great looking and appropriate for the space. Sadly, we didn’t build this. From aerial images you can tell that we did lay out entrance four in the wide semicircle that Cram Goodhue and Ferguson drew for the spot, albeit with only one of the two drives:

This was my surprise for the week. The most presentable one anyway.

Bonus: There’s still a gate there but it’s no longer semicircular and the gate itself is probably best described as serviceable.


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  1. Bill Johnson '57-'58 says:

    Across main street and to the south of Gate 4, in the lower left hand corner, is that an old motel? Also to the east of Gate 3, what are the floors that look like screened sleeping areas? During the time I was on campus about three weeks ago, I tried to figure where the street between West Hall and South Hall was. It was a scene of a small riot in May of ’57 I think. The street has now been completely obliterated.

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