Good Contact, c1970

I love baseball and I hope Rice plays until there aren’t any games left.

Rebellious as I am, I refused to crop it.

Bonus: I’m headed off early for the long weekend, partly for fun and then with a side trip for some quick research on the scenic campus of Texas Lutheran University in Seguin. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to post but if I don’t see you until mid-week have a great Memorial Day.

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  1. Tough cropping decision. The whole frame is really good. I really like the circle and the glove to anchor that corner of the photo. And his gaze leads you straight to the active batter.

    And damn, catching the ball leaving the bat! You never get that. This was before motor drives, so the photographer had really awesome timing. I remember that feeling, if you don’t see the moment, it means it was on the film. Because the mirror flips up and the film gets the moment, not you.

    I’d crop a lot, but that would make the out-of-focus chain link fence blur distracting. The tight crop leaves one dark diagonal streak. A re-print could dodge that to lighten it up. Hold a pencil across under the enlarger at the right angle and distance for part of the exposure time.Think “Photoshop”, but with a lot more slow trial and error and wasted prints. That would be an hour, easy. Maybe two, with lots of swearing.

    So as a former Thresher photo editor, I’d trim a bit off the top and left, a tiny bit off the bottom, then print that sucker. Gotta leave some room to the right for that ball to fly.

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