Friday Follies: The Names of All Delinquent Borrowers

will be sent . . . where??

I haven’t done anything wrong and this still makes me feel guilty.

This is undated, by the way. Any help is appreciated.



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4 Responses to Friday Follies: The Names of All Delinquent Borrowers

  1. marmer01 says:

    Late-50s, early 60s, but you can tell that. Getting that from the guy’s hair, glasses, and the likelihood of him wearing a white dress shirt. Delinquent browser names will be sent to the Faculty. Particularly the professor who put the materials on reserve for your course.

    • Richard Schafer says:

      No earlier than 60s, and probably not early 60s, based on the computer printouts on the shelf.

  2. Liz McGuffee says:

    To the faculty?!?!

    Elizabeth M. McGuffee Director of Development Rice 360 (713) 348-4491


  3. Jerry Outlaw says:

    It looks very much like it did when I worked in that area in 1966-67.

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