George R. Brown Wants You to Clean Your Room, 1957

I did not expect this.

It seems to have had the intended effect:

But George Brown was a man who paid intense attention to detail. He had some questions about the process:

Bonus: Here’s the best part. I laughed aloud.



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5 Responses to George R. Brown Wants You to Clean Your Room, 1957

  1. This whole thing seems surprisingly ridiculous, frankly. I’m really surprised that the President put this much effort into this. But the italic typewriter used by Mr. Contois is pretty special. We used to see those occasionally.

  2. Bill Johnson '57-'58 says:

    Since I was an officer of Will Rice (South Hall), I and some others, I don’t remember who, would do these inspections. I do remember that in Baker (East Hall), we found a room of a football player and for several times used it to mark down the college. It was not very clear or straight.

  3. radbob48 says:

    I humbly submit that my roommates and I, in the Hanszen burbs, won the award in 67. Thanks, George Brown, for this award and my engineering award. And thanks to roomie Ken Cluck who arranged is pocket change in the Star of David just before the inspection. It pushed us over the top for sure

  4. Pat Martin says:

    By the late 70s, a few seeking the Brown clean-room prize at SRC had “hospitality suites” set up to woo the judges. As I recall, there was also a [probably college-given] prize for the messiest room. I don’t recall any college-wide effort to keep common space tidy connected with the effort. I think top room was still $100, but perhaps it was split.

    • joecwhite says:

      My freshman year (’85-6), my roommate (Tom Moore) and I vied for messiest room at Sid. We were proudest of the two-month old piece of pizza attached to our door. Unfortunately, we lost to (now Prof.) Gary Woods and his roommate, who squeaked past us by burning a pickle in their room just before the judging.

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