“Warhol Faces Students,” 1969

The other day I ran across something wonderful: Newsletter Number 1 from the Institute for the Arts, published in the winter of 1969. Written almost 50 years ago, you can still feel the energy coming off it. Mrs. de Menil wrote the introduction herself:

“However brief, however awkward, encounters help.” That could be the title of my autobiography.

Bonus: The guys from facilities making sure the gutters and drains are clear before the storm. They are the best.

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  1. Next, traces of Ray Bradbury’s speech at Rice. I heard stories of him appearing in a spotlight on top of a ladder (he was 5′ 8″, but apparently sensitive about his height).

    This gives a date of September 12, 1962. I guess the stories were still circulating fifteen years later when I was there.


  2. BJ says:

    This exhibition was and remains pretty radical, both for its place in the history of artist-curated shows and for its wild selection/presentation! I’m reminded of this gem: https://woodsononline.wordpress.com/2015/09/29/ktru-tuesdays-warhol-at-rice/

    RIP, Art Barn!

    Stay dry, my friend.

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