Harvey Update 3: Life Goes On

Pictures are starting to come in from my colleagues on campus. Things look weird, but somehow still normal. Here’s lunch prep at Sid today. It looks like all hands on deck–RAs, Chef Sara, Beth Leaver and the magister (please note my compliance here), all hard at work:

Even Nathan Zuege from the Carpenter’s Shop got in the act:

Over thirty students volunteered to make tonight’s dinner:

Bonus: Meanwhile, over by Hanszen they’re dealing with a fallen tree. In a truly ironic turn of events, all the Italian cypresses are still standing.


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3 Responses to Harvey Update 3: Life Goes On

  1. kctipton says:

    Yeah, students preparing dinner! I’m happy to see that.

  2. Even the kitchen has St. Joe brick with one inch mortar!

  3. My hat is off to the Emergency Management team, and all the staff, faculty, administration and particularly students who are working as a community through this crisis. THIS is what makes Rice, and this country, great. I can testify from experience, this is a true life learning experience. Be well and be safe.

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