Harvey Update 6: A Visit to Campus

I’ve had a very busy day but I did manage to get over to Rice for a few minutes. Happily, it’s looking very good. The staff of FE&P and Housing and Dining continue to do outstanding work as does the Crisis Management group. We were also lucky.

As you would expect, it’s pretty soggy and a little scuffed up but nothing the facilities guys can’t fix. It’s also very quiet and the squirrels seems rather confused.

Bonus: The best thing I saw was a good sized turtle scooting along in front of Fondren.

Extra Bonus: Also good was the kind of circulation that doesn’t involve massive bands of rain dumping on us.




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  1. Kermit Lancaster, Wiess 1977 says:

    Thanks for documenting the current history. I’ve been following the Crisis Management Team and am impressed with how well they have handled the situation. It’s surely eased the minds of some anxious parents.

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