George Trammell, 1923-2017

I’m sorry to say that I never had the chance to know George Trammell ’44, a faculty member in the Physics Department for thirty-six years. Professor Trammell passed away this last summer at the age 94 and I always feel a pang of sorrow when I find that I’ve missed people like him, people whose lives were lived at and in service to our university. But by a peculiar and circuitous route this wonderful reminiscence of his life fell unexpectedly into my hands and I’m so glad to be able to share it. I believe it was written by Jim Hannon ’62, an emeritus professor of Physics at Rice, with contributions from the Trammell family and it is just delightful. The idea of H.A. Wilson simply refusing to continue teaching a disruptive class fills me with glee. Have a look:

George Trammell, rest in peace.








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4 Responses to George Trammell, 1923-2017

  1. Jason Hafner says:

    Be sure to read it to the end. The last anecdote is hilarious.

  2. John Froelich says:

    George had so many funny stories. I wish I had written them all down.

  3. Grant Drumheller says:

    We knew George when he lived again in Portsmouth, Nh in the 90’s- after retiring. What a fun and interesting man. he appreciated women, and smart men. I missed him when he moved back to Texas – We wish his family and friends peace in his passing.

  4. David M Trammell says:

    Will be loved forever.
    David Trammell

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