Friday Follies: Torches, c1970

I’m pretty sure we aren’t allowed to do this anymore.

Bonus: It took every wisp of discipline I possess to leave it alone.

I did buy a day-old bagel, though.

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4 Responses to Friday Follies: Torches, c1970

  1. Bill Peebles, Hanszen '70 says:

    Where are the pitchforks?

  2. Matt Noall says:

    This MAY be from a party Sid Rich had in 1974-75 year, the “Stamp Out Studying on Saturday Night (SOS). If you look in the Campanile for that year in the Sid section you should see more pictures. Our social chair that year had some good ideas. Some of the guys (remember, then Sid was all male) started singing the chant from the Wizard of Oz that the guards in the Emerald City used–“Oh-Oh, Oreo.” If I am right, pitchforks make no sense there 🙂

  3. Barney L. McCoy, Hanszen 67 says:

    That’s ” Oh EEE Oh”.

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