Aerial with Med Center, no date

Look at this beauty that I recently came across. So many places to park!

It’s undated but a quick look suggests early 1970s–any thoughts? I’m also curious about what’s going on to the west of old Weiss–surely those straight lines can’t be hedges?

And just for fun here’s a similar angle taken sometime during the 1930s:

Bonus: I was startled by this when I ventured out of the library this afternoon. I believe it’s art.

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  1. loki_the_bubba says:

    Those should be tennis courts west of Weiss.

  2. Buddy Chuoke '75 says:

    My guess is that what looks like hedges to the west of Weiss are wind screens on the tennis court fences.

  3. Galloway Hudson ;60 says:

    My poor old eyes can’t even make out the Old Wiess, but there were tennis courts just outside our room (across a narrow road) on the west end of Wiess in 1957-’58.

  4. Wright Moody says:

    I believe that your timeline is correct. You can see Sid Richardson which was completed in that time frame. What you are seeing next to Wiess I believe are the tennis courts that used to be next to the college.

  5. Richard Johnson says:

    I would say that it has to be at least 1975 if not a bit later because you can see the Summit in the background (which opened in Nov 1975). First concert ever at the Summit: The Who!

  6. effegee says:

    Looks like it was before the ICBMs were installed in Anderson Hall.

  7. grungy1973 says:

    Hard to tell if the roof of the Summit is complete.
    I was watching it go up, from the 16th floor of the Kellogg Building in Greenway Plaza, during a summer job in ’74.
    The above conjecture for the mid-Seventies has no objections from me.
    I wonder if the complete absence of Garage 6 in the Med Center tells us anything.
    It was built to 4 floors, and then raised to 8.
    The Smith and Taub Research Towers at BCM went up in the mid-Eighties.
    There’s grass and trees where they’ll be, in this shot.

    • Francis Eugene "Gene" Pratt Rice Institute 1956 says:

      Corngrits on getting a building named for you.
      Now if they will leave me one (1) parking space somewhere, I can come and listen to Rice music again.

    • Richard Miller (BA '75 MEE '76) says:

      Mid seventies. The UT Medical school buildings are up and look pretty close to being completed. UT started in 1972. DeBakey has not been started. Jewish is there and the east parking circle is still there. Neurosensory can barely be seen but is there so it would put in in the range of 1975-1978.

  8. Ron Ladd says:

    Thosa are the tennis court, and there were green windbreaks on fences, which make it look like hedges.

  9. Clearly before ’81 when construction on Herring Hall took over the Wiess parking lot.

  10. effegee says:

    Mudd Lab is not yet under construction. There appear to be cars in the parking lot where it was built. That puts it before summer of 1982.

  11. Richard Miller (BA '75 MEE '76) says:

    Looking at BCM more closely, the parking lot north of BCM (on which the DeBakey building would be built) is still there. I remember the site got flooding in either the June 76 flood or 77 flood (I remember a crane boom sticking out of the ‘lake’ the next day

  12. James Medford says:

    Cameron Field (predecessor to Reckling Park) was built in 1978, and it’s not in this photo, so definitely pre-1978.

  13. Kermit Lancaster Wiess 1977 says:

    Yes, tennis courts and the baseball field adjacent. I lived in 201 Wiess my sophomore year, 1974-75, overlooking that part of campus. One spring afternoon I returned to my room and discovered that two guys from KTRU had set up their mobile equipment by our door to broadcast that day’s game. They had helped themselves to our chairs and electrical outlets. We stuck around to provide a little crowd noise. There might have also been a bottle of mescal.

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