Thanksgiving 1924: No Holiday Friday

This is brutal.

I don’t know about y’all but–always defiant–I’m going to go ahead and take the extra day. See you Monday.

By the way, Dr. Lovett was in Europe at the time and had left Caldwell in charge.


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  1. Galloway Hudson ;60 says:

    Well, Wiki says that Baylor won the game in 1924, 17-9. Curiously enough, they say it was played on November 29. Thanksgiving was on November 27. Apparently Wiki is wrong on the date. Baylor was SWC champ that year and, as Wiki notes, it was a very long time before that happened again. Before Baylor won under Grant Teaff, I remember reading that Baylor’s last championship (in 1924) was closer in time to the Civil War than it was to the date of the article.

    • almadenmike says:

      According to Rice’s Football Fact Book, the 1924 Baylor @Rice game was played on Thanksgiving, November 27. The article above is from that day’s issue of the Thresher, which welcomed alums back to campus ( It was written and published before the game, anticipating/hoping for a victory that was not to be.

      Other interesting articles in this issue include

      1) “Prexy Not Dead” … which said Dr. Lovett was in Belgium “representing Rice at the commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Ecole Polytechnique of University of Brussels” but “has not sent word describing his visit. … During the anniversary celebration of the Ecole, Dr. Lovell will witness the opening of new buildings for the science and technology departments of the University and the laying of the cornerstone for a set of new buildings which were presented by the Commission for Relief in Belgium. Dr. Lovett is a director in the educational foundation of the C. R. B.”

      2) A season-ending article about the Rice Band, reporting that it “seems the best season the band has ever had. Fifty-eight people, including Slimes, tried out for the organization. Of these only forty have been made into the permanent organization. The rest went into the waiting list.” The band “marched up and down Main Street” in the Armistice Day parade “in all the discomfort of a Houston rain.” I particularly liked this photo of decked-out drum major H.H.Gragg:

      3) Many articles lauding the performance and future prospects of the football team after John Heisman’s first season at the helm. Alas, the famous coach’s 1924 record (4-4, 2-2 in SWC, 3rd place) would be the best of his four campaigns on South Main.

  2. Galloway Hudson ;60 says:

    I now see that Baylor won again in 1974, so probably the article I remember said “Civil War Reconstruction”.

  3. Keith Tipton says:

    Yes, let the upperclassmen set a good example!

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