A Rice Guide to Shopping in the Village, 1968

I’ve been too busy to think coherently about what to write this evening. Instead of trying to fake it I’ll  just offer this map of the Village. It appeared in the Thresher in September of 1968. I’m not positive but I don’t think any of these businesses still exist here:

Bonus: I’m not even going to think about this.

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6 Responses to A Rice Guide to Shopping in the Village, 1968

  1. Marc Hairston says:

    The G&G Model Shop was there till this summer and relocated just after Harvey arrived.

  2. Kathleen Boyd says:

    The Model Shop is still in the Village!

    Kathleen A. Boyd


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  3. Barney L. McCoy, Hanszen 67 says:

    The map left out Orange Julius (frequented after track workout), Alfred’s (where I had my first Reuben), Rodney’s, University Men a & Boys, Village Theater (which still showed 1st run movies), the Village Toy Store etc.

  4. loki_the_bubba says:

    I hate maps with south at the top…

  5. marmer01 says:

    I am rather surprised that Art Cinema was there then. It hung on until the early 80s before it turned into the original location of Cafe Chino.

  6. B Johnson says:

    I’m trying to figure out where the Catacombs was, compared to the 2 maps. swear the description says, university/kirby.. and the building description 2 story..brick seemed like it was 1/2 price books location.. in 68-71?… it was at 3300 s post oak, under the now over pass at 610. but moved to rice village. closed but opened as ‘of our own’?… the ‘moving sidewalks’ played.. when they left Ames production company and then later became ZZtop? haha.. but i cant find any pictures of the ‘catacombs’ from the 70’s era. I … came to this area in 75. I remember going to the woolsworth and sears thru this village. but that was long after the catacombs/of our own closed. later the HPB came and i’d been going to that since mid 80s?.. 86 i was driving and frequented the book store. later frequented ‘big easy’ up kirby. really old memories. HAH..

    If anyone has pictures, i’d ove to see some of those posted.

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