Friday Follies: Extracurricular!

Believe it or not, this shot is from an admissions brochure that they didn’t bother to put a date on:

You might be able to date it by the exact amount of grey in Bill Martin’s hair.

Bonus: Get me out of here.

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10 Responses to Friday Follies: Extracurricular!

  1. Susan Faust says:

    I can date it to 1979-1983 because it was definitely during my time. Is that the Rally Club? I think that’s Steve Schooner in the dark blue shirt behind Prof. Martin.

  2. Do they still use the term wiener for students who study all the time? That came to mind when I read the comment that starts “I’m super pumped”. Or maybe it is sarcasm I missed?

  3. Karen says:

    It’s definitely Steve Schooner. I’m guessing it’s maybe Sid Rich beer bike. He graduated in 82, and he looks to be a little younger than I remember him his senior year. Also, I seem to remember Dr. Martin was only master until about 81, so I’d say it’s probably between 78 and 81.

    • Karen says:

      Looking at it more closely, I’m pretty sure it’s 81. I’ll have to check my yearbooks to be certain though.

      • Karen says:

        I got confirmation. I happened to run into someone this evening who was there and confirmed that this is the 1981 Sid Rich beer bike picture.

  4. mattnoall says:

    I would say 1980 or later. I graduated in 1979 and the caps are NOT ringing the proverbial bell. Also if it is beer bike I do not remember having non-team members with shirts while I was there.

  5. Lavelle Fritz Ferris says:

    Melissa – I posted this picture on our Rice University Class of 1982 facebook page and got some good IDs… and comments.

  6. Doug Williams says:

    I think Sid Rich won Beer-Bike in 1981. This could be the celebration.

  7. Randy Wile SRC ‘83 says:

    1981 SRC Beer Bike. Steve schooner, Matt Wareing, Al Hirshberg, Rob Degeeter, Roger Ford, Kenny Austin, John Holverson, Steve Corbató, Keith Chappell. I believe that was the year that our entrance to the stadium parking lot where the race was held featured the Bellaire High School dancing Majorettes and the Goodyear Blimp flying overhead with “SRC #1” flashing in its lights!

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