“What about Rice tomorrow?” 1951

Sammy’s on the phone and he looks pretty mad:

Did he get dumped by his girlfriend? Did we lose to A&M??

Nope. He needs money–money to build the Rice of tomorrow.

Luckily, he’s not asking for all that much. It’s probably easier just to give it to him:

Bonus: I’m in New York today for a meeting, back home tomorrow night. This was the view out the window.

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7 Responses to “What about Rice tomorrow?” 1951

  1. Francis Eugene "Gene" Pratt Rice Institute 1956 says:

    I recognize the USA flag.
    What were the other 2?

    • Probably Canada. I see Radio City Music Hall, and 1271 is the address of the Time-Life Building. The Canadian consulate is in the building behind that fountain. According to Google, of course.

      Those are some big spotlights on the roof in the foreground.

  2. Jack Pendergrast says:

    Looks like Avenue of the America’s to me.

  3. Galloway Hudson ('60) says:

    Sure glad those folks ponied up their $5 contributions, which no doubt helped build the “new” residential college buildings that opened during my freshman year, in 1957.

  4. Houston Stadium? What?

    • vkbenson says:

      The original proposed name of Rice Stadium. There is a story here which involves Doak Walker, the Cotton Bowl, Southwest Conference championships, Houston poo-bobs, and the Houston-Dallas rivalry.

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