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“What about Rice tomorrow?” 1951

Sammy’s on the phone and he looks pretty mad: Did he get dumped by his girlfriend? Did we lose to A&M?? Nope. He needs money–money to build the Rice of tomorrow. Luckily, he’s not asking for all that much. It’s … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Pucker Up

It’s not going to be easy in that outfit. It’s undated but I bet one of you knows.

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“Of beetles and their larvae there is much to be said.”, 1935

  Despite the entomological title, this is actually a post about the library. Miss Alice Dean, who ran the library for roughly 40 years, wrote a report at the end of spring semester in 1935 that thoroughly covered every aspect … Continue reading

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“This is a very important meeting!”, 1950

File this one under “Life before email.” Here we have notice of a drama club meeting: And here’s how it was sent: Note the postmark date. For quite some time mail was delivered a couple of times a day. I’ll … Continue reading

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Snow Day, undated

We’re having a snow/sleet/freezing rain day today but this lovely photograph was taken on a true snowy day: The label on the back indicates that it was given to the archives by long time bursar John T. McCants, who I’ve … Continue reading

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“the old problem of radio versus records is scarcely with us,” 1934

Remember the Great Faculty Club Victrola Poll of October 1930? I fear this issue might not have been finally laid to rest until 1934. Which is only too easy to imagine. Bonus: These two look like they’re about to drop … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Fashion Bookends

At first I was interested mainly in this guy’s pipe but then I noticed that he’s wearing the skinniest tie I’ve ever laid eyes on: This amused me because I happen to have scanned several years ago a picture of … Continue reading

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