Need Idea for Archi-arts Theme!

I spotted this hanging on the wall in the architecture school today:

I’m overflowing with ideas. I suggest going old school this year! How about a reprise of the 1947 party, whose theme was “L’ Aveidem? ”

What the heck is “L’ Aveidem,” you’re probably asking.  I had no idea either so I went looking through the 1947 Thresher and came up with this:

Romanesque castles–I’m a big fan. I think they need to do this.


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4 Responses to Need Idea for Archi-arts Theme!

  1. almadenmike says:

    What is “the Hall” … in which the Thresher article says this L’Aveidem event was held?

    And what is the story behind that huge clock-topped “Our Absent Brothers” structure that’s visible in the top-right of the second photo above? Does is reside somewhere on campus today?

    (The inscription to the left and right of the clock appear to say: “THE FAULTS OF OUR BROTHERS WE WRITE ON THE SAND” and “THEIR VIRTUES (?UPON?) THE TABLETS OF LOVE AND MEMORY.” “Fidelity” and Charity” appear to be written outside the 12 and 6 placed of the clock; I can’t discern the words outside the 3 and 9 spots.

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