The Golden Anniversary of the Class of 1916

My eye was caught by something unexpected yesterday when I went to look up Otto Watts’s photo in his copy of the first Campanile. See it?

Harcourt Wooten’s picture is signed . . . and dated . . . 1966.

As I turned the pages I found several more:

There are a whole bunch of them, almost a dozen!

I scrambled around in the 1916 Commencement file that became a catch-all for and found enough to piece it together. As you’d expect there was a big to-do at Homecoming in 1966 about the 50th anniversary of the first class, but the class held its own celebration at Miss Lel Red’s house after commencement that spring. Otto Watts was there and he brought his old yearbook for everyone to sign.

Bonus: A bunch of people had good career news in 1966, including my dear friend, Gil Whitaker ’53.

Extra Bonus: We’re nearing the end of spring semester.


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2 Responses to The Golden Anniversary of the Class of 1916

  1. Buddy Chuoke says:

    Surprised to see a relative of mine, the late Robert L. Chuoke, Ph.D. of the 1955 class, mentioned in the 1966 Alumni Notes and News. Fine fellow and brilliant.

  2. Owlcop says:

    I wondered if Davis Parrish was related to Noel Parrish (he was not), however he was involved in the development of ballistic middles such as the Atlas.

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