“Men in Rice Science Lab,” 1969

That’s all it says on the back of this picture:

This certainly was taken at Rice–look at the door. And somewhere in the back of my mind I feel like I know the man on the right but I can’t quite pull it up. The one on the left is completely unknown to me.

What I do recognize are parts of the machine, which looks suspiciously like a mechanical model of the circulatory system. Remember this?

Artificial Heart project?


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2 Responses to “Men in Rice Science Lab,” 1969

  1. marmer01 says:

    There’s a newspaper mention of a big grant from the NIH to a Rice team working on an artificial heart project in May, 1968. The leader of that project was a Dr. Alan Bahler.

  2. grungy1973 says:

    William O’Bannon, as our teamwork uncovered.
    He was a mechanical engineer working with David Hellums on the mechanical heart grant.
    The device is some kind of perfusion apparatus.

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