Friday Follies: Football and Fashion, 1974

Featuring Coach Conover (again), this time giving a Football 101 clinic for women in August, 1974. That sport coat is almost hypnotic. I’m not sure I’d be able to focus on the board.

Bonus: I’m not sure why the Accounting Department would need a ladder and I’m also not clear why it’s currently under a staircase in Duncan Hall.

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7 Responses to Friday Follies: Football and Fashion, 1974

  1. Galloway Hudson '60 says:

    Ah yes, Big Owl Conover, quite a character, but he faced the same problem immortalized by another head coach, Ray Alborn ’61. “You can’t have a zoo without the animals”.

    • Sandy Havens says:

      Conover got a lesson in Feminism 101 back around 1974 when he proposed asking “attractive” Rice women to serve as escorts for prospective athletes during their visit to the campus. (I was Master of Jones College at the time.) He held a dinner and meeting of interested ( and “attractive”) Rice women at Cohen House during which he explained his plan–which included a dinner at a nice restaurant for the prospect and his escort plus a $10 fee for the escort. During the Q&A one of our Jones women asked Conover if the $10 fee included oral sex. She destroyed the project.

      • Francis Eugene "Gene" Pratt, Rice Institute 1956 says:

        That is an extraordinarily interesting question.
        But what, pritee, was the answer?

      • loki_the_bubba says:

        That’s a pretty steep price for a Jones girl, if I recall correctly…

        • Francis Eugene "Gene" Pratt, Rice Institute 1956 says:

          ” prithee ” ?
          I must brush up on my Snakespear, or find me a Kate to kiss.

  2. marmer01 says:

    That may have been an earlier name for Property Accounting. Maybe they need it to inspect large, expensive equipment. Or maybe they need it for high costs!

  3. William Deigaard says:

    Having been at Rice nearly 30 years, I feel like I should have a clear understanding of the organizational structure to make the ladder question simple. Alas, I do not. Instead, I’ll be glib. Clearly it was used to manage the endowment before Rice moved off of the gold standard. You know, stacks of gold. 🙂

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