I’d Be Headed Straight to the Copacabana, 1956

The back cover of the 1956 Rice Directory offers options for your nights out on the town:

Color TV and spaghetti by the yard?? Count me in!

Bonus: My second typewriter this week and this one looks ready for action.

Extra Bonus: I feel a little bad about it but this made me laugh. That’s what you call maximum security.


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3 Responses to I’d Be Headed Straight to the Copacabana, 1956

  1. What is in the Tsanoff room? A captive black hole? What is the use of a room which is always locked?

  2. Grant Youngman says:

    A little before my time at Rice (Baker ’67), my family moved to Houston in 1957 when I was 11, and while we were waiting a short time for the shiny new house in Meyerland to be finished, we stayed at the Palm Court Inn on S. Main, which was right next to the Copacabana. I don’t really recall anything about the place (including the spaghetti by the foot) other than that I remembered the name. At that age, I mostly remember enjoying the pretty good hamburgers served poolside at the motel … 🙂

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