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Modern Homes Tour, 1957: Part 2

There was so much good commentary about the architecture and especially the sculpture in last week’s post about Anderson Todd’s photos from the tour of modern homes that I was inspired to go back for another look at the slides. … Continue reading

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“We won’t allow the future to outpace us.”

Believe it or not, I found this ad for Celanese on ebay when I searched for “Rice Institute.” It took me a minute to see why it came up: I don’t know the date, the magazine, or anything else but … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Possible Solution to Basketball Transfer Epidemic

Circa 1980. He looks like he’s getting decent backspin on the shot. Sign him up, I say.

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Modern Home Tour, 1957

We had a researcher this week who used a couple of boxes from the papers of Rice architecture professor Anderson Todd. In one of those boxes I found two sheets of slides that Todd apparently took on a 1957 tour … Continue reading

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“he evaded questions in his St. Charles hotel room,” 1938

I found a simply fabulous photo of Dr. Lovett the other day, one with what certainly appears to be a smile: I know it was taken in New Orleans in June, 1938 because there was a clipping on the back … Continue reading

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The Rice Galveston Club Dance, 1926

Way back in 2011 I wrote a short post that featured a program from a dance given in 1927 by the Rice-Galveston Club. It was a neat little thing handed out at the club’s Fifth Annual dance–which meant that I … Continue reading

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Ellington Field, circa 1918

One of the many things that I once knew, then forgot, then learned again was that although Rice History Professor Floyd Lear first arrived on campus in 1925, he had been in Houston before, stationed at Ellington Field from 1917 … Continue reading

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