Friday Follies: Jones North, c 1970

This isn’t really a folly, but rather a charming, joy filled photo, sent in by a loyal reader. You need the context to really appreciate it so I’m using her email to explain. I’ve lightly edited it to take out the names (Editor’s Note: If I’m not absolutely certain they’d like it, I take out names. Also, there is no editor.)

To set the stage, I was one of two sets of roommates in a Freshman Group in
1968 on 3rd Floor Jones South. During the first semester of our Sophomore year (1969) Jones was overcrowded, so the four of us proposed rooming together in one of the Suites in JonesNorth. Our offer was accepted, so we squeezed into a room meant for two. My dad built two sets of bunkbeds out of 4″x4″ lumber and an L-shaped bookcase that gave us some privacy and storage space. Space opened up at the end of the first semester, so we moved into two regular dorm rooms in Jones North, putting the two sets of bunkbeds in one room and our four desks in the other room at the other end of the hall.

At that time, Jones College had one “Open House” each semester, when we
could invite men up to our rooms one night during a certain time period (6-9
pm or something like that). The four of us plus  (the photographer) took advantage of the opportunity during the spring semester of our Sophomore year (Spring 1970) to invite several people to come up for dinner in our “desk” room during the Open House. We all wore matching skirts with white blouses.

I’m pretty certain that the photo shows three of us getting ready for an
Open House, probably during the Fall, 1970. It looks like we set up tables
and chairs in one of the big doubles at the end of the hall, but I’m not
sure whose room it was. Also I’m not sure where we got all the tables and


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