“a gift of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jackson Wray,” 1961

Last Friday’s photo of this serious lounging activity unexpectedly brought forth several emails asking about the bench they’re on:

Here’s an image that let’s you get a better view of the location:

I notice that when I scanned this picture I had some reason (which is no longer apparent to me) to call it circa 1974. My best guess is it was the trees–note the oaks on either side of the sallyport and the non-Italian cypresses on the side–and I’m willing to believe mid-1970s. But I still don’t know when the bench was removed or why.

One thing I do know is when it first made an appearance. According to this February, 1961 Thresher article it seems to have been installed sometime early that year:

(I’ll have more to say about that post-war long range improvement plan soon, by the way.)

Bonus: This sign just came in to the Woodson today but it had been posted for a very long time. So long, in fact, that it had become completely wrong. These days the West Lot is the Greenbriar Lot, the North Lot is a playing field, the East Lot is the West Lot, and the South Lot is the South Stadium Lot. Got it? (Many thanks to the always alert RUPD!)

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4 Responses to “a gift of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jackson Wray,” 1961

  1. Matt Barnett says:

    Funny they honored him with a bench. Wasn’t Lovett very anti bench for the campus?

  2. loki_the_bubba says:

    “Andrew Jackson” Wray? Named after a slave-owner. We preemptively removed the bench decades before it became trendy on campuses.

  3. marmer01 says:

    Perhaps it was replaced when they did all those blocky “building name” benches.

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