“We want to be big, but we also want to be good.” 1953

The author of the charming response to Edwin Bonewitz in yesterday’s post was Hardin Craig, Jr., a faculty member in the history department from 1946 until 1970 and Librarian from 1953 until 1968. I see that I’ve mentioned him several times without ever explaining his role, most recently in connection with the Gertrude Stein caper and a surprising visit to Prairie View A&M. Craig oversaw the expansion and maturation of the library into a true research facility, but I’d like to go back now to the very beginning of his tenure. I think this 1953 Thresher article about his taking charge of Fondren well reflects what I’ve come to see was a gentle and respectful spirit:

Bonus: Here are Miss Lane and Miss Turnbull at Hardin Craig’s 1968 retirement reception in Cohen House.


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  1. marmer01 says:

    Hardin Craig seems to have been a most worthy fellow.

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