Gyroscopically Controlled Bicycle, 1938

This turned up today in an wholly unexpected place. No fingers will be pointed but it wasn’t even in the library even though it has Ola Moores’s handwriting on the back and clearly belongs to the Woodson. These things happen.

In any event, it’s gorgeous:

There’s no date but after some research I’m convinced that it had to have been taken at the 1938 Engineering Show, the Tenth Biennial. Well over 40,000 people attended this event and as we see here some of them were beautifully dressed.

I do wonder at all the smoke behind them.

And to make this all even better the bit of research I did turned up some very nice engineering tidbits that I shall be pleased to share soon. Those engineers could be quite entertaining, in their own way.

Bonus: I’ve seen three turtles on campus in the last ten days.

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  1. Bill Peebles, Hanszen '70 says:

    I hope we hear from some mechanical engineers who can tell us how this thing worked.

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