Tony Gorry

We learned today that Tony Gorry, who served Rice in many capacities since arriving here in 1992, passed away this weekend.

Here’s a link to a memorial piece by my friend and colleague Jade Boyd that has all the particulars of his fascinating career, one full of interesting twists, wide-ranging interests, and opportunities seized.

I knew him best as a writer and that may be his lasting legacy. Here’s a link to a beautiful memoir, originally published in 2012 a journal called War, Literature & the Arts. I found it reprinted on the Yale Class of 1962 website. It’s worth your time. Be sure to read the 2014 postscript as well.

Tony Gorry, rest in peace.

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3 Responses to Tony Gorry

  1. Keith Coopet says:

    Tony actually taught an Artifiial Intelligence course at Rice in 1977 or 1978. He was, as always, a phenomenal lecturer with a penetrating wit and a keen understanding of both his subject matter and its implications for society at large.

  2. Beau Jon Sackett says:

    My time at Rice was in the late 60s and very early ’70s. Of course, the 60s were before Dr. Tony’s time inside the hedges.

    The one major lesson I took away from my years at Rice (officially studying EE, math and geology), was to think of myself as a “Renaissance guy”, because of the way courses were structured at the time to stretch personal boundaries.

    Reading those linked stories on this page makes me wish I could have met him, because the drum he seemed to march to sounds a whole lot like the one in my head. I want to believe that he and I would have had many interesting things to talk about together. RIP, Tony.

    Thanks for finding those Yale links and posting this, Melissa.

  3. Buddy Chuoke '75 says:

    Melissa, I feel fortunate that, through you, the hand of fate connected me with Tony’s memoir and postscript. It is a beautiful piece that I will save, share, and reread.

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