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A Portrait of Alice Dean by John Clark Tidden, c 1920

Recently Edward Summers ’59, the great nephew of Miss Alice Dean, Rice’s first librarian, generously presented the Woodson with her portrait. It was done by John Clark Tidden, an early member of the Rice art and architecture faculty, probably around … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: A Bit Nipply

This is a Houston Chronicle photo from April, 1984. We’ve got others but what caught my attention about this one was the label on the back, which noted that it was about 30 degrees that evening. That’s real commitment.

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Baccalaureate, 1939 plus Wheatfield!

For a few moments I couldn’t read this properly: Of course I knew who they were. Left to right that’s Physics professor H.A. Wilson, Trustee J.T. Scott, the baccalaureate speaker, Reverend (hmmm, can’t remember his name but I do recall … Continue reading

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Just A Little More About Fondren Furniture

So now that I’ve figured out the mystery of the Aalto tables I spent some time this afternoon going back and digging in as many old pictures of Fondren as I could find. The interior of this building really was … Continue reading

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About Those Tables, Part 2

So I’ve thought about this puzzle for a very long time, easily more than a decade, without seeing anything that could help solve it. Then recently I ran across an article by Rice Librarian William Dix in the December, 1949 … Continue reading

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About Those Tables, Part 1

These tables are the ones I mean: The persistent story–I’ve heard it for many years–is that they are by the Finnish designer and architect Alvar Aalto. They’re all over the library. They come in several sizes and you don’t have … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Happy Rice Day!

There have been lots of good days here in the last 106 years. This one was especially nice:

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