Homecoming Follies: Outhouse, 1953

I have a strong aversion to almost all “group fun” so the idea of a big pep rally and bonfire before the Homecoming game is enough to send me running for cover. But I have to admit this is clever. Great kodachrome slide too:


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2 Responses to Homecoming Follies: Outhouse, 1953

  1. John Wolda says:

    We beat ‘em 34-7

    • Francis Eugene "Gene" Pratt, Rice Institute 1956 says:

      Does everyone remember that John Wolda was a great little right handed pitcher for the Owls, freshmen and varsity teams.
      I think he was selected All Southwestern Conference but my memory is fading. Correct, John?
      I also think he was a team manager for the football teams, and maybe other teams as well.
      Always nice to see he’s still around and kicking … just not quite so high.

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