“Regulations Concerning Grades,” 1956

I had a chaotic day so I’ll just post this without comment, except to note that although I found this sheet with a student’s notes for Physics 100 these regulations actually apply to the faculty.  Also they seem, as indicated in the opening paragraph, desirable. This was a very different place back then.

Bonus: Consistent internal temperatures . . . I’m a big fan!

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2 Responses to “Regulations Concerning Grades,” 1956

  1. Doug Williams says:

    I never knew that 5- was a valid grade at one point. I remember a retired faculty member in the 1980s joking about trying to assign a 5- to a student. He thought that was what was deserved in that case, but it wasn’t allowed by the Registrar’s office.

    To be fair, he said that he also tried to assign a 1++ to another student.

    • Mark Williamson says:

      I once heard a story, probably apocryphal, about a professor assigning a second-semester grade of 9 so that a student who aced the first semester of a two-semester course couldn’t slide by after blowing off the class the rest of the year.

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