Friday Follies: Professor Charles Garside of the History Department at Beer Bike

I love this picture. Says it all, really. My favorite thing is the completely uninterested small child with the crewcut near bottom right:

It’s undated–let me know if you do.

Bonus: I’ll be sporadic next week, although I think I have a couple of things for Christmas, then off entirely when Fondren closes until after New Years.

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13 Responses to Friday Follies: Professor Charles Garside of the History Department at Beer Bike

  1. Melissa Keane says:

    Ah, yes, Dr. Garside = one of those larger than life professors that have long lasting effects on their students. I still quote him on occasion! Judging from the sideburns, the wide headband on the half visible coed, and the white coats borrowed from the dining room servers, my estimate is late 1960s.



    • effegee says:

      Charles was my freshman advisor at Baker in fall 1969. The photo appears to be earlier than I remember him looking at that time.

      Might the structures at the horizon on the right provide some clues? I think the photo looks toward the north from east stadium lot.

  2. marmer01 says:

    For what it’s worth, the car headlights visible next to Dr. Garside’s hip and over the student’s shoulder look like they are from a 1968 Plymouth, and the truck in the background looks mid-60s-ish.

  3. N Bailey says:

    1968 was the first year for Beer Bike in the stadium parking lot.

    • Terry Gaschen says:

      The “wrong” side of the parking lot before the track was built on the other side of the stadium. The 66 and 67 races started in front of the RMC and went around the inner loop. What year did the race move to it’s current location? Great photo of the legendary Dr Garside.

      Terry Gaschen

  4. almadenmike says:

    The two recognizable guys in the Beer-Bike photo are Baker undergrads Richard Hibbard (left, shouting) and Dan Pearce (right, wearing glasses).

    Dr. Garside was a Baker College Associate.

  5. Joe Graves says:

    I can’t offer a definitive answer as to timing, but I’m pretty sure that it would be the early 1970s. I’m basing this on the following recollections: Dr. Garside looks like I remember him in 1970-71. The setup (drinking on the table top with a flag man— I’d say person later, but colleges were still single gender —to signal the next rider to go) is indicative of that period also. The student between Garside and the drinker (dark hair, glasses, long sideburns) looks very familiar to me, although I am unable now to come up with his name, and I would place him as a year (or two) behind me (I’m class of ‘70, with engineering masters in ‘71), quite possibly in Baker. Finally, the setting (attire, etc) looks like early 1970s to me. Hope this helps.

  6. Pat Martin says:

    And what a great history professor was Charles Garside. I would contend that his lectures on Reformation History were among the best given at Rice.

  7. Bill Martin says:

    Mike, thanks for identifying Dan Pearce. I knew Dan pretty well and recognized him immediately, but his name had not yet bubbled to the surface. I came in ’68 and became a Baker associate in the spring of ’69, probably after Beer-Bike. When I first heard of B-B, I was told, “It used to be run around the inner loop, so 70-71 is a reasonable guess. It’s great to see the picture of Charles Garside, a great teacher and friend.

  8. Bill Batchelor says:

    It might be me doing the chugging, but overall, I think not. On the “it’s me” side: 1) I did compete for the Baker Beer Team at that time, 2) Colleen thinks the sideburns look like mine. On the “not me” side: 1) there were a lot of similar sideburns then, 2) I don’t remember having a cowboy hat, 3) the height-width doesn’t look right. Regardless, there is no doubt that Professor Garside was everything people have mentioned about him. Just like Professor Martin, he was an exemplary professor who influenced countless numbers of students, nudging them toward the good.
    Bill Batchelor

  9. Clark Herring says:

    I still have very fond memories of Charles as a Baker Associate during my time at Baker in the mid 70’s. He was unforgettable. I now wish I had taken one of his courses even if I was Chemical engineer.

    • Richard Hibbard says:

      Ibelieve it’s in 1968, my first year of Beer Bike. I also competed in ’69, 70, then again in 74, 75 & 76 when I returned to Rice That year we swept both men’s and women’s races.-Richard Hibbard ’76

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