Hanging Loose with Obsolete Technology, Christmas 1968

I got a real boot out of this Christmas ad from the campus store. I recognize all that stuff:

Christmas 1968 316

Bonus: Speaking of shopping, I had to go to the Galleria to pick something up this afternoon. I don’t recommend this by the way, but I did enjoy my annual viewing of Texans sprawled all over the ice rink. It never fails to bring a smile to my face.


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4 Responses to Hanging Loose with Obsolete Technology, Christmas 1968

  1. Grant Youngman says:

    While it’s true that vacuum glass TV is “obsolete” (thankfully), you do have to remember that vinyl and magnetic tape recordings are still preferred by some “connoisseurs” of egregiously expensive music reproduction systems. At least not everything from 1968 is gone (including me) 🙂

    Oh .. from a recent post … the hedges in the quad are “essential” to the very essence of the campus. Even if they block space that might be used for touch football. Although I do suspect that the fine and heady aroma of fresh manure in the beds of the hedges may not be a current “feature” of the springtime quad … 🙂

  2. Nancy Flatt says:

    I remember the technology, but instantly recognized the art in the ad as the work of William (Bill) Merriman ’68. His cartoon characters are very distinctive.

  3. Guy says:

    Yes, Bill Merriman. This was in a time when Architects were taught how to print.

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