“a large pinch of courage,” 1966

I can no longer remember what I was looking for when I came across this delightful little booklet:

It’s nice idea–the library staff getting together for a sort of smorgasbord at the home of Mary Alice Hamilton and then collecting all the recipes for distribution:

But it was 1966 and some of these recipes are . . . regrettable. It’s hard to single anything out as the most quease-inducing but if forced I guess would choose this very peculiar “salad.” I was ok until we got to “Heat bean juice:”

There’s also a sweet nod to Rice history from long-time librarian Pender Turnbull, who pays tribute to Mrs. Weiser, the wife of chemistry professor Harry Weiser, with  a fairly tasty sounding dessert:

And hats off to Madith DeZurko for her clever formatting of a totally unnecessary dish:

Bonus: Willy Week is in full swing. I saw this when I went into the RMC:

And this when I came out:


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4 Responses to “a large pinch of courage,” 1966

  1. Nancy Burch says:

    Pretty sure I was there. If I had a recipe included, I’m guessing it was grasshopper pie.

  2. MM Pack, '74 says:

    Mary Alice Stevens Hamilton was my cousin. She was a fantastic cook and was great friends with Pender Turnbull. I can imagine that this was a terrific dinner party, although Green Bean Jello Salad kind of stops me cold. Mary Alice’s father-in-law was Wiley Hamilton, whom you talked about a few years ago https://ricehistorycorner.com/2013/08/27/in-remembrance-of-wiley-a-hamilton-1881-1964/ .

  3. marmer01 says:

    You know why those bounce castles cost so much to rent now, right? Inflation.

  4. Does it help to think of bean juice as pot liquor?

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