Football Follies, 1959

This from the HMRC is the only known photograph of Jess Neely goofing around:

Even more astonishing is line coach “Bloody Joe” Davis as the holder.

(That’s backfield coach Cecil Grigg, who has managed to retain more of his dignity, at left.)


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4 Responses to Football Follies, 1959

  1. C Kelly says:

    The grass on the field looks like a putting green. The first thing that struck me as a young child going to football games — especially night games under the bright lights at collegiate stadiums – was the brilliant green of the playing surface with clean white chalk lines across them. It was overwhelming. The next thing, once the game started, was crowd noise. I was overwhelmed by the whole experience, but never frightened. I was a fan from that point on. (My first big game that I remember was the Arkansas-A&M game at Kyle Field in October 1956. I was 6-years old.)

  2. Galloway Hudson - Wiess '60 says:

    You really know how to hurt a guy, Melissa. The 1959 season was during my senior year, and Rice won a total of one game, which they should have lost, 2-0. Gordon Speer returned a punt for a touchdown on a miserable cold and windy day, but a clip by Rice was not called. Gordon also punted a ball straight up that went backwards for a safety, and he kicked Rice’s extra point. His favorite football story is that he scored all of the points in that game.

  3. Nancy Burch says:

    Three great men. Coach Grigg sometimes joined us for coffee in the RMC. He had some great stories of his pro career. I visited him in the hospital toward the end of his life.

  4. Randy Brint says:

    Coach Griggs played with the great Jim Thorpe.

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