Coffee with Mrs. Pitzer, April 29th 1967

I found this today on the Cart of Mystery. It seems to have come in with a batch of intriguing materials from Jones College in the mid-1960s that I have just begun to explore. At first I was just charmed by the invitation, then I noticed that this coffee was held precisely 52 years ago today:

I don’t know what the occasion was, although based on the time of year I suspect something to do with graduating seniors. Mainly I’m just a bit boggled that 52 years have gotten away from us so fast. 1967 doesn’t seem that long ago somehow.

Bonus: I just had a cup of coffee myself and raised a little toast to the Pitzers, who had such an important role in the history of the university. It’s almost 6:00, though, so I made it a decaf.


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8 Responses to Coffee with Mrs. Pitzer, April 29th 1967

  1. Paula Eisenstein Baker (emeriitus faculty wife) says:

    Tea from “ten until twelve a.m.”? I still have my calendar from 1967; I’ll look and see if I was invited!

  2. Paula Desel says:

    Until twelve a.m.? That’s a long study break…

  3. Linda Wild says:

    Is that a Creighton coffee cup?

  4. Steve Lukingbeal, Hanszen ‘76 says:

    Yes, the last 52 years have gone by too swiftly. Back in 1967 when my grandparents would talk about things that happened in their youth that long ago (such as the Titanic or WWI), those events seemed like ancient history. Now we have to treat Woodstock like ancient history.

  5. marmer01 says:

    Yes. I clearly remember when most adult males were WWII or Korea veterans. Now there aren’t so many of those any more.

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