Welcome New Alums!

You can send your checks directly to the Development Office!

It’s undated but seems to be at the very peak of the short shorts era, so I’m guessing late 1980s.

Bonus: Today I saw boots with no people in them.

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5 Responses to Welcome New Alums!

  1. Doug Williams says:

    I think that’s my class (1984). That looks like Mark Meiches on the far left (SA president that year). Don’t quiz me on the other names. There’s no way I’d pass.

  2. Lavelle Fritz Ferris says:

    Definitely Mark Meiches on the far left – might be Raymond Russell immediately to the right of him. I don’t recognize anyone else but I was ’82. Mark was in Will Rice with me.

  3. Keith Cooper says:

    Interesting that the shot has no women.

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