Track Standouts, circa 1964

I received quite a few emails after my post a couple weeks ago that featured a sequence of pictures of a Fred Hansen ’63 vault. One of the best came from Terry Cloudman ’65 who sent me two wonderful photos. Even better, they look to be kodachrome slides, the best and highest of all formats in my opinion. This first one is, he thinks, another Hansen vault:

This next one is my favorite, though–Hansen and his teammate Bobby May ’65, who served Rice as coach and Athletic Director for over forty years after an outstanding career as a hurdler. They’re out by the track on what looks like a cool afternoon. This is just gorgeous:

Bonus: Only too true.

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5 Responses to Track Standouts, circa 1964

  1. marmer01 says:

    Kodachrome. It gives the nice, bright colors. It gives the green to summers. It makes all the world a sunny day.

  2. Tommy LaVergne says:

    Beautiful images! Kodachrome is far superior to Ektachrome. Less forgiving, but when shot right, nothing else comes close.

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