Friday Follies: Wiess College Petition, 1969

I like that they asked so politely. On the whole these were not excessively polite times.

The surprising thing about this, I think, is the late date.

Bonus: The Sidewalk Not Taken.

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7 Responses to Friday Follies: Wiess College Petition, 1969

  1. Leonard Lane says:

    I was a high school senior in 1969. We weren’t allowed to wear blue jeans to school. (in suburban Washington, DC) In the fall of 1970 Hanszen College required ties at dinner and coats on Sunday. Of course, we were known as the “gentleman’s college.” (LOL) By fall 1971 all such requirements were gone…

    • Bryan A Domning says:

      I beg to differ Len. A minor quibble, but the necktie rule died somewhat later and only after it was taken to the extreme by a few Gentlemen who wore ONLY a necktie. And for that matter, whatever happened to freshman serving?

  2. marmer01 says:

    Yeah, Ira Gruber (longtime Hanszen associate and former Master) used to wear his Hanszen blazer to dinner occasionally.

  3. Andy Williams says:

    What people think of as the ’60s didn’t arrive in most of the country until the ’70s.

  4. Randy Brint says:

    I was in Will Rice, but I recognize a few names on that petition.

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