Friday Follies: Matriculation, no date

For a long time the matriculation ceremony was held in the Physics Amphitheater, then at some point moved to the Grand Hall of the RMC. I don’t know when this was taken but I’m interested in the young man who felt compelled to wear camouflage pants. And the guy next to him, just out of the frame, seems to have on white bucks! I mean, sure, why not?

Bonus: I parked in the Cohen House lot the other day and as I turned to walk over to Lovett Hall I was suddenly struck by this:

There used to be posts there, from which they would hang chains in order to close off part of the lot. In that instant I understood that loyal reader effegee’s comment to this post about the front gate was correct. I don’t know why they put up chains when there was a gate right there but I’m pretty confident that’s just what they did.

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13 Responses to Friday Follies: Matriculation, no date

  1. marmer01 says:

    The guy in camo pants seems to be wearing jump boots, too. Probably ROTC. This might well be early 80’s judging from the skinny ties.

  2. Clark Herring says:

    I matriculated in 1974 and our ceremony was in the RMC. In 1974 matriculation was a very dull affair. The Freshman Casino party, held in the R room, was much more fun.

    • mattnoall says:

      Quite true although I confess I had not thought about Matriculation since probably 1974 either. I suppose that provides one definition of “boring.”

  3. Leonard Lane says:

    The class of 1970 matriculated in the Grand Hall with Dr. Hackerman. This photo was taken after Sid Richardson College opened for business in 1971.

    • Texas SPQ says:

      Hackerman didn’t come to Rice until 1970. Perhaps you mean the class that matriculated in 1970, which would make it the class of 1974.

  4. Someone may need to correct me on this, but I believe our 1958 matriculation was held in Hamman.

  5. effegee says:

    1969 was also in RMC with Vandiver.

  6. almadenmike says:

    Our Class of 1970 matriculation in September 1966 was in the RMC.

  7. N. Bailey says:

    I’m pretty sure our Class of 1968 matriculated in Hamman Hall in the Fall of 1964. I remember the “Look to the left of you, look to the right of you…” admonition.

  8. Lynne Hsu Xavier (WRC '88) says:

    If my memory isn’t failing, I think the guy holding the banner is Ewen Tseng. I don’t recall exactly what year he was, but according to my Campanile collection, we overlapped at least 3 years (’85-’86, ’86-’87, and ’87-’88).

    • almadenmike says:

      The alumni directory lists Dr. Tseng as Class of ’88.

      • Lynne Hsu Xavier (WRC '88) says:

        Thanks. Then this picture is likely from fall 1986 or fall 1987. Usually the college president, or a person from the college’s student council, or some other upperclassman of note is given the honor of carrying the banner at matriculation. Ewen was admirable in many ways, but I doubt he would have achieved that status by sophomore year.

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