Ad Hoc Committee on New Housing Arrangements, 1954

Although I’ve had occasion in the past to look for things in our collection of Ad Hoc Committee files only recently have I had a chance to go through this material systematically. Nearly all of it is important–ad hoc committees tend to be where the rubber meets the road. They get formed either when something is at long last undeniably wrong or when something is about to happen. This usually requires (or at least should require) the cooperation of faculty and students. And voila, an ad hoc committee is born.

This letter was the first sign of something big that was about to happen. President Houston is asking Miss Sarah Lane, who has expertise in female problems (!), to serve on a committee to examine the future of student housing at Rice:

The file of this committee’s records is quite large–two full folders worth–and it ends with the report that recommends the adoption of the college system. Most interesting are the minutes of the meetings, which reveal more and more intense debate than one might expect.

Bonus: They seem pretty serious about this.

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  1. More than one of those windows has been broken in trying to open and close them. You may be able to imagine how difficult it is to get replacement parts.

  2. marmer01 says:

    We need more raptors around here. Let’s form an add hawk committee.

  3. Barney L. McCoy says:

    When my Aunt Susie Buford Hillyer ’35 was at Rice, she lived in a boarding house for women run by the grandmother of Bonnie Bailey Klindworth ’67. She told me that these had to be approved by the Institute.

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