Beat Texas, 1974

Apparently football is about to start again and if I’ve been correctly informed Rice begins their season with a series of quite formidable opponents, including the University of Texas.

So I went and dug out the images that I found in some obscure file earlier this year. First,  a hortatory bumper sticker produced by the Booster Club:

They thrashed us of course, 27-6, a small contribution to a 2-8-1 year for the Owls. But no matter: Rice Fight Never Dies and hope springs eternal. I wish them the very best of luck this time around.

Bonus: This was, by the way, the 1974 Homecoming game and also in the file was this great flyer for the 5th reunion of the class of 1969:

Extra Bonus: We’ve taken a couple days off before we move back into our house next week and the first thing that happened was a flat tire. Here’s Mr. Rice History Corner manning the jack:

I know this sounds bad but that’s only because you’re forgetting that any day involving a flat tire also automatically becomes Melissa Eats Whatever She Wants Day:

I almost finished it.

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3 Responses to Beat Texas, 1974

  1. Rachel Dvoretzky says:

    That is an impressive enchilada. And kudos to Mr. RHC for fearlessly wearing white pants while changing a tire.

  2. Galloway Hudson - Wiess '60 says:

    Rice beat Texas in Austin in 1965, when our daughter was three days o;d. That was the first Rice-Texas game I had missed in a decade. Rice’s next victory in the series was 29 years later, in 1994, at Rice Stadium.

  3. Keith Coopet says:

    Glad to that Mr RHC still has it in him …

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