A Basketball Road Trip, 1957

I’ve been considering running away from home lately but I can’t because my car in is in the shop. An airbag blew up. It was  . . . impressive.

It seems my only option is to hitch a ride with the Rice basketball team, headed north in December of 1957, dressed to thrill the Yankees:

This was a mediocre 13-11 season for the Owls and we lost all three games on this trip, falling to Wisconsin, Illinois, and St. Johns. I’m confident we had the best hats though.

Bonus: Everything has a tag now. I almost wonder when they’ll start tattooing the staff.

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  1. Richard A Schafer says:

    I hope you weren’t in the way of that airbag! But don’t worry, staff tattooing won’t be required. That’s old hat in these days of microchipping.

    The picture of the basketball team and their ’50s Samsonite luggage brings back memories. We had one of those trapezoidal suitcases when I was a child, plus what I think was called a “train case,” even though we never took a train. Odd shape, that didn’t stack well.

  2. Tiki Owl says:

    Usually called a Pullman, designed to fit under the seat of a Pullman sofa so it could be accessed when the sofa converted to a bed.

  3. Owlcop says:

    That looks like the style of Stetson that LBJ wore. I’ll bet that they came fro Shudee Bros.

    • Melissa Kean says:

      I think they look really sharp. It might not be a bad idea to outfit the team with them again. We’d certainly stand out. I think that’s what you call “branding.’

      • Rachel Dvoretzky says:

        Branding, or tattooing? Yikes.

      • Tomas F Molina says:

        RE: the Rice Basketball team travel: I came along a few years later, 1964-1968. the “outfit” was basically same except for hat. I remember being taken to University Men’s store in the Village for “out fitting”. Also remember the mandatory white shirt. and being instructed on how to property tie the tie! what did a country boy like me know about that in 1964? Shoes were also recommended although I dont remember if those were part of travel uniform…black brogue wing tips seemed to be the “norm”.
        I truly enjoy your site. look forward to the posting. I’m a “weiss guy”, when to Rice on basketball scholarship 1964-68. I’m looking for some old team photos that I had, will forward to you if/when I find!
        Tommy Molina
        Rice ’68

    • Owlcop says:

      Sorry that should be Shudde.

  4. Texas SPQ says:

    Ah, the halcyon days of basketball team fashion: great hats and short uniform shorts!

  5. Carolyn Brewer says:

    Clearly Temple Tucker in the middle with camera. Do you have an ID on other team members?

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