“they faded into insignificance beside his splendor,” 1917

There’s always one in every crowd.

Here’s Charles Dana Pennybacker ’20, who doesn’t really look the type:

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4 Responses to “they faded into insignificance beside his splendor,” 1917

  1. Richard Schafer says:

    Don’t forget that overalls were in fashion at that time for some reason. (I know you’ve talked about that, but can’t find the item at the moment.) So perhaps this is less daring that we might think.

    Except for the large, green bow-tie, of course.

  2. Galloway Hudson - Wiess '60 says:

    Let’s hope that Mr. Pennybacker did indeed graduate in 1920. Our freshman class president, who DID “really look the type”, failed to survive Rice past our sophomore year and did not graduate in 1960. That was fairly typical back then. “Flunk now and avoid the rush.”

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