HMRC Thursday: Rice Football Barbecue, 1964

For some reason the Houston Post sent a photographer out to shoot pictures at the barbecue held in the stadium for what appears to be the Rice football players on August 31, the day before practice started. I know this was the day before practice started because he also took photos at the first day of practice. (I will likely use these next week because they are quite good.) No one in the pictures is identified and what I’m hoping for here is that someone knows who they are.

Aside from that one thing that especially interests me here is the uniformity of fashion. This uniformity characterized campus life all over the country for many decades, then collapsed abruptly not too long after these images were made. Within a couple of years you would see students wearing any damn thing at all.

All photos are from the Houston Post Collection at the HMRC, RGD0006N-1964-7294.

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  1. says:

    Melissa, First picture: Bert Barron on the left. Paul Piper maybe on the right. Don’t remember the ladies’ names except that was Bert’s girlfriend with him.

    Second: Left to right Gene Walker, Malcolm Walker, Bill Walker

    Third: Left to right Harlon Dearing, ?, Gene Fleming, Dale (Sarge) Callahan

    ‘64 was my redshirt year so I was around those guys quite a bit. Best I can do for an old guy, Tommy Tyner ‘68

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  2. marmer01 says:

    I am just barely old enough to remember madras shirts and khakis to have a “college boy” association. I guess that’s why I wear them so much.

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