The Lights in the Mech Lab Cloisters

I got a question today about the original lighting in the cloisters on the front of the Mech Lab. I almost laughed at how easy this question was—I remembered right away that we have a great picture from the 1910s that looks straight down that sidewalk with a perfect view of the ceiling vaults. Heck, I even know what file the picture is in!

I could not have been more surprised when I pulled it out for a look.

There weren’t any lights at all. Wh–??

Now I have to figure out when they first put them in, which will be no easy task. Don’t count your chicken before they’re hatched, I suppose.

Bonus: I think this is the last working original drinking fountain.

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11 Responses to The Lights in the Mech Lab Cloisters

  1. Keith Cooper says:

    That arcade looks better without the ugly fire door of Abercrombie on the end

  2. Doug Williams says:

    Is there any chance that there had been lights at some point before this picture was taken? I think I see a plate or electrical box at the peak of one vault and wires hanging from another one.

  3. Texas SPQ says:

    Those old drinking fountains are so charming. It’s regrettable they aren’t all functioning as intended. Where is this last working one located? I may have to make a pilgrimage.

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