“fold, staple, dismantle, incapacitate, lick and mutilate,” 1978

Yesterday’s post about the computer card set something to rattling around in my head. I’d read something (but what exactly?), somewhere (but where exactly?) that was lightly mocking the library’s computerized circulation system. Luckily, when it comes to light library mockery there’s an obvious place to turn: The Staff Speaks, a 1970s era Fondren newsletter that was very clearly meant for internal circulation only. In particular there was a regular page called “Dust from the Stacks,” written by the pseudonymous “Sara Lee,”who we are to assume nobody doesn’t like. Sure enough, I’d actually scanned this page several years ago–it was the last paragraph I was remembering:

Bonus: Another example of high-quality librarian humor.

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4 Responses to “fold, staple, dismantle, incapacitate, lick and mutilate,” 1978

  1. Bob Swanson says:

    I would have gone to the library a lot more if I had known there were sleazy fleshpots on the mezzanine level.

  2. Lynne (WRC ‘88) says:

    😂. Wow, they didn’t pull any punches with their humor, did they? I would’ve happily purchased a subscription.

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